What just happened? It's now October, magically, and the leaves have turned, the weather has turned, and my head is still turning wondering where did summer go? The big countdown is now sitting at 321 days to go. The check lists are getting larger and the questions still remain. Colours? JP? Guests?

It is like planning the biggest birthday party you've ever had and then adding a dash of family politics just for taste. Voila!

But besides that...
The pictures above are various shots of the summer. The first one is where I will be saying my vows in 2008. The next is my good friend Carie, then the trinity 3 crew, and pictures of the condo now that we're moved in.
Yep...life has changed a lot recently. But I'm so grateful to all the beautiful people in my world.


Condo and Easter

More Condo pictures

New Condo

Montreal pictures and the new condo

Pictures from the Montreal trip, the hotel was off the HOOK!